Data Driven Decision Making

Identify – Retain – Monetize – Acquire


Target – Optimize – Execute


Identify – Compare – Track

About US

Our goal is to make you smarter.

We maintain the highest quality database of device specific information covering the global app economy. We measure the daily changes in the app economy, calculate growth rates for app retention. We've developed specific indices for performance benchmarking to identify “healthy” characteristics of user growth as part of a complete competitive analysis. In addition, we identify trends and create insights from our unique data sets which include metrics and other statistics to define additional relationships between apps.

Our Team

Brett Bauer
Brett Bauer
Co-Founder & CEO
Actively engaged in the exploration and discovery of app data to uncover insights and share the information with anyone willing to listen.
Ken Robinson
Ken Robinson
Co-Founder & Board Member
Military training and project management experience provided essential skills and discipline required to create the original idea behind powerslyde. The original goal was to get an app into the app store.
Andy Meltzer
Andy Meltzer
Chief Technology Officer
Expert in the development of dynamic planning applications, including business intelligence tools and predictive analytics while discovering efficient ways to interact with the data warehouse.


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